I found this great article on sprouting seeds for chickens. “You get your grains or sprouts, soak them in water for the first day, and then rinse them out twice a day until they sprout to the desired length you want.” Sounds easy! 2 tablespoons in a quart jar and off you go. http://www.naturallyloriel.com/growing-sprouts-as-treats-for-chickens/

I ordered 1lb of clover seeds from Amazon: 1lb of Clover Seeds

This is a slower process than I thought it would be…maybe I’m doing it wrong. 

2 weeks later, they’re still not quite ready. I’m starting to think that these may not be worth the effort, given that they have to be rinsed out a few times a day…

Ok. I gave them another week and gave up and fed them the girls. They liked them, but they didn’t go nuts for them either. I might as well make another batch, but this took longer and was more work tham I wanted.