We’re down a duckling. 😦 Brownie (the runt) who grew in eggs thought too old to hatch, grew stunted with a too large air sac, pipped on the wrong side through a vein, and had to be nursed to health with pedialyte. She survived all that. I cut a hole in a oj container so they could dip their faces in but not climb into the water and poop in it (a recommended way to keep their water clean) and she forced her way into the box and her sister behind her. Without the heat lamp and being so small she didnt make it. Unfortunately today was the day I moved them into the garage as a break from obsessing over them in the downstairs bathroom, so I didnt see her for a few hours and that was all it took. I’m not usually upset when chicks die- they arent very hardy, but we couldnt believe she survived after all that- and then to die by accident. A painful lesson to learn in duck husbandry.