It’s done! I finally built the coop I’ve been trying to get around to making for the last year and a half. I spent $100 making it, which I think is pretty damn good. The loft bed (frame) was something we were given freely, as was the plastic roofing, old window, and some of the wood. 

– $55 of it was on paint, I needed exterior paint and I wanted just the right colors. 

-$10 on hinges

– $25 on wood/trim

– $10 on a tarp and paintbrush  

And the pullets gets the big girl’s old set up (red). Doors stay closed until they are old enough to hold their old in the pecking order though (another month or two). It’s low to the ground because I had to fit it in my van and had to cut off the legs! I was going to put it on cinder blocks, since the chicks are locked in there doesn’t really matter.