So I’m feeling like a smarty pants this morning. All along one of the eggs has had a giant air sac while the other two have been normal. I told my husband I bet that one wouldn’t be able to turn property since it has so little space in there. It pipped somewhere between 11:30pm and 6:30am (today is day 30, theyre supposed to hatch on day 28) and it pipped away from the air sac against the ground. It was still alive but the pip didn’t push through the membrane which was tan (dried out, which is bad), so I made it a small breathing hole. It seems smaller than the other one – not sure how this will go, but I expect I will be helping it out when it’s ready but understand fully it might not make it. I re-moisened the wet paper towels in the incubator and around the new hole and put her back in right side up. She took a few quick and deep breaths as soon as I make the hole and is now breathing normally – I expect she was short on air.