Let me just say that hatching duck eggs is a painful lesson in patience. I ordered eggs online, they got lost in the mail, only 3/6 grew, and now they are late hatching. I’ve spend today and yesterday researching what’s supposed to happen and when, and what to do when it doesn’t happen.

I have 3 eggs

Egg 1) externally pipped (they make a little air hole) last night around 6:30pm and by tonight at 5:30 had done nothing. Ducks are slow. They are not chickens. I was sure it was dead anyway, and made its pip bigger to see if it was malpositioned. Nope! It’s just slow. It’s still in there, but the membrane has some visible veining which means it’s not ready to come out yet (thing of the inside layer against the shell as a giant placenta). It has to absorb everything from that veining, and it’s egg yoke (I cant see that) before it’s ready. I wasn’t patient.

Egg 2) externally pipped this morning, nothing since. This is normal, I’m leaving it alone.

Egg 3) I’m 85% sure it internally pipped (broke through the membrane into the air sac, but did not break through the egg). The video I posted yesterday has an internal pip. By day 29 this duckling should have externally pipped.

Lesson: ducks are hella slow. If you help you can kill them, and if you do nothing they can die on their own. Do a TON of research either way, and stock up on chamomile tea and Xanax when you order eggs to incubate.

Tomorrow is day 30. Fingers crossed for THREE hatched, healthy, chicks tomorrow.

Anyway – off topic, but I adore this piano version of Feist’s “Intution”. I play piano, and if I had nuts I would give my left one for the sheet music of this cover.