Well, not much to take photos or videos of these days – my candler isn’t showing much detail now that the ducklings are big enough to be crammed in their eggs, but I can see movement here and there. Tomorrow is the last day the eggs get turned, and then they are on “lockdown” (no opening the incubator until they have hatched). They should hatch Saturday and I am SO excited. It’s been a very long wait- 24 days so far in the incubator and 16 days since I ordered them (40 days! That’s a biblical amount of time to wait for ducklings). Here’s hoping they all hatch safely, and if get really lucky they’ll all be girls.

I found this video of a khaki campbell cross hatching on youtube and thought I would share. Hopefully I’ll get to take a video of my own ducklings on Saturday.

Ducklings Hatching (not my video)