It’s sunny and warm today, and on those rare NW Pacific sunny spring days that means it’s time to start gardening! The first project was to plant our blueberry and raspberry bushes.  Unfortunately we have a ton of invasive grass to dig out first… good thing I had a helper.  

All done! They look small now, but they will grow. Probably want one more blueberry bush.. or 4. Maybe 2 more raspberries.

Oh yeah! The garden bed. We’re late on getting some of the cold-hardy plants in, but late is better than never. I got the bed assembled (after spending an hour looking for a lost drill bit. Grrr.) We pulled up the sod and flipped it over. I’ll cover it with weed barrier and soil, and it will break down just fine. 

Chickens LOVE grass. Their sad bare coop used to be flush with grass – if you want grass gone from a patch in your yard, fence chickens in it for 48 hours. Problem solved.  I try and do something daily that keeps the hens from being bored, and today it was a strip of sod I puled from the garden bed. They will make quick work of the grass, bugs, and even the soil (they pick out small stones to help them break down food).

Home Depot trip: 3 x 3 cu ft of peat, 3 x 3 cu ft garden soil,  4 x 1.5 cu ft manure, 2 x 1.5 cu ft compost (I have more of my own compost to add). Also 7 x 60lb bags of sand for the chicken coop, a can of paint, rollers, and blue tape. This weekend might be busy…

All the soil has been mixed up and added and watered. We didn’t buy anything for starts yet but we bought pumpkin seeds (those will be in a different bed) and snap pea seeds. After the peas sprout I’ll add a nice trellis.