I try really hard not to put crap in party favor bags (or “loot bags” if you’re from the same country as I am!). I know parents hate bags full of plastic you’re immediately going to through out when you get home. If I’m going to spend the money on favor bags I want them to be useful, disposable, and cheap to buy. In previous years when the littles were younger I would use chalk, stickers, temporary tattoos, a treat (goldfish crackers or grahams), play dough and cookie cutters.

Now that the youngest is a little old for cookie cutters and play dough, I decided on a little plant growing kit (a little pot, sunflower seeds, and compact soil), water beads, chalk, and sour patch kids. Everything is disposable and can keep little hands busy, and was cheap to put together.

Here’s the price breakdown:

  • small pots: $2
  • favor bags: $1 (dollar store)
  • 24 sunflower packets: the dollar store sells them 4/$1!
  • water beads: $7 from amazon for 24
  • compact soil disks: $2
  • chalk: $5
  • sour patch kids: pack of 25 was $3 at the grocery store

Total: $28 (call it $30 with tax) for 24 bags. That’s about $1.25 a bag! Pretty darn good, and we will use the extras playing at home.