Do you ever have a “duh!” moment? I had one last night. I realized that I didn’t need the back panel of my 4 panel run, because the run is against the fence anyway. I significantly increased the size of the run from 10×10 to 10×20 by using the fence. Duh! I did run some wire fencing along the wood fence, mostly to make sure there weren’t gaps where the fence met the panel. I don’t want the hens squeezing out or a raccoon squeezing in.

The hens were so happy to have a new area full of sticks, bugs, and grass to dig through they abandoned their feed! I only feed them once a day to make sure I don’t have a buffet for rats. They do always have water, of course.

I do, however, need to get some deer netting for the 10×10 open area I created that isn’t covered by the tarp because in the NW pacific eagles are very pretty until they fly off with your chickens (it happens, I kid you not). Also raccoons, minus the flying, but they will drag one over the top of the fence. Assholes.

Before (10×10 square):img_92351

After: 10×20

They’re pretty stoked about bugs and grass. Ignore the coop looking odd, the roof is just sideways. The tire will get some sand or dirt soon for dust bathing.

A video for fun