Welcome to my little blog! As we unpack in our new home (my husband is literally sitting next to me unpacking) I decided to document the challenges and adventures our family has learning how to turn 0.86 acres into a small but fantastic suburban homestead.

Our old home was our first home my husband and I ever owned. It was on 0.28 acres, and it’s where my desire to learn canning started. It was where I planted my first veggie garden right in the ground. It’s where we expanded our family to the size it is now. It’s where we brought home rabbits and they had their own litters (whoops! those weren’t both girls) and I built my first chicken coop.

In time our children will grow up and hopefully one day bring home grandchildren. Our vegetable stalks will return to the earth. The hens and rabbits will “retire” and be replaced by younger broods. My husband and I will grow old, too. In the meantime lets raise the kids, the chicks, the hens and the drakes and make jam in there too. And take pictures. And blog.

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